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Chapmans Pool 05-29-1947_01796 De Mirandabad Room with a View at Papago International Resort – Hualien, Taiwan Waldorf Astoria Resort Phoenix  ~ Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa - Scottsdale - AZ Olympia-Schwimmhalle Former Larkins Pool warm flower pool #8900 first wave Allan Gardens Conservatory ~ Toronto Ontario - Canada AS THE SUN GOES DOWN THE COCKTAILS COME OUT 2020 - Argentina - Buenos Aires - Plaza de las Naciones Unidas y Floralis Genérica - Floralis Genérica - 2 of 2 Lincoln's Reflection #7813 Mahon Pool, Maroubra Nevada - Las Vegas:  Large Waldorf Astoria Resort Phoenix  ~ Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa ~  Scottsdale ~  Arizona Arethusa Pool, Mou Waho Island, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand Senegal Wattled Plover walkin' in vegas Nevada - Las Vegas: The MIRAGE - it's getting night - waiting for Nevada - Las Vegas: The MIRAGE - An artificial volcano  that Adelaide. Mitcham. The Wesleyan Methodist Church opened in 1880. View on a stormy day.  Became church hall when new adjoining church opened in 1963. Built in Mitcham bluestone. Adelaide. Torrens Park. Scotsman Alexander McGeorge built this two storey bluestone mansion in 1872. It was enlarged several times. Now has no proper street frontage so a side entrance. Steamy sunrise Bananaquit leaps from the pool after taking a bath near a bees' nest, Curacao No Diving 2017-12-12_06-54-25_ILCE-6500_DSC08176_DxO portfolio_01.jpg Dunsmuir Guest House Dinas Dinlle, May 1993 Adelaide. Reflections below the falls at Waterfall Gully 2 May 2020.
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