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Face full Melanogoster pollinating an early baby blue eyes They just keep feeding. And the feeding continues... The bees are feeding... The bees are feeding... gamonito y abeja Malachite 2 Pastel Vanessa atalanta Vanessa atalanta A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Buzz pollination Visitor pale mountain mint, Monardella odoratissima subsp. pallida Honey bee on plum tree flowers Chelostoma florisomne Chelostoma florisomne Colletes hederae Colletes hederae Red flowers Coreopsis Some Flower Somewhere in Africa Purple flowers and bee collecting nectar (Flip 2019) Eine Biene sammelt Nektar von einer lila Blume - eine Nahaufnahme Stigma Orchids A Lovely Angiosperm Marsh thistle nr Bury Down 2017 credit Ridgeway Partnership Close up of a bee on a purple flower (Flip 2019)
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