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St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna Museum the Bavarian Kings Staircase Hotspot Neuschwanstein Castle The Hohenschwangau Castle and the Alpsee. The High Castle of Füssen Between the benches of the parish church St. Mang in Füssen The dome of the parish church St. Mang in Füssen The Castle Neuschwanstein Fruits Truck Meeh... Wild Cat I Wild Cat II Wild Cat III Wild Cat V Canvas Painting or picture in picture? There's money by the wayside Spiral of confusion Wait for the moon specta The Reichstag building Meadowland, Monastery or anyway a Meierei? Rapunzel, let down your hair Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ... ☆ „Thanks for the Flickr explore The treetop path in Beelitz A bed and chair in a cornfield The recapture of nature Futurium - Home of the future! Sun and thunderstorms over Berlin The Bavarian King Ludwig II Wild Cat IV [explored] The Berlin Allianz-Treptowers with Molecule Men
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