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5c on pedestal, Ennis, Co. Clare. 42 to 49 Frederick Road, Edgbaston 42 to 48 Frederick Road, Edgbaston 2019-01-FL-203424 2019-01-FL-203425 Site of the Boulton, Watt & Murdoch plinth in Centenary Square What does Victoria Think? plinth Goldener Reiter Goldener Reiter Birmingham Museum Collections Centre - War memorial plinth Kyrgyzstan_179 Kyrgyzstan_180 Kyrgyzstan_181 upon waking upon waking George Orwell. Someone went outside for a smoke Plinth Position Ready for the Sculpture Site Prep Spirit of the Rivers Plinth Spirit of the Rivers Spirit Site Waiting for the changing the Guard, Amalienborg Waiting for Carl Alexander to return, Weimar St Paul's viewing plinth on the South Bank Really Good upon waking Thoroughly Modern Mari Inspects Plinth
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