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Fried waffles with kiwi, banana and powdered sugar. Top view Risotto with Chicken Meat and salad on the plate Pastry with Hot Dog on the white background Lachsfilet-Fisch vom Grill mit Kartoffeln und Kräuterdressing neben einer Zitrone auf einem weißen ovalen Teller Spaghetti with tomatoes on a blue background Sushi Set Nigiri und Sushirollen für Zwei mit Maki und Scallop Aurora Borealis in High Latitudes from the book William MacKenzie’s National Encyclopedia (1891), a colored illustration of the beautiful polar lights in the night sky. Digitally enhanced from our own original plate. Black Jeep No Names Nahaufnahme von Penne mit Avocado Pesto Podcast Vintage woodblock print of Japanese textile from Shima-Shima (1904) by Furuya Korin. Digitally enhanced from our own original edition. Hot Mini Christmas dinner Decorative plate, clock Tamales with Mole on Banana Leaf Breakfast Club Homemade bread 20121225 - Christmas Day - Christmas Brunch - Clint, Britt, Chris Cheese Pie served on the white plate Wood Plates Of Salmon, Pork and Cream Canapes (Flip 2019) Chantilly, Oise - France Cabbage salad in pink marinade in a bowl with a dish towel XOKA1745b Profi-Koch schneidet einen Hamburger Obstplatte mit Weintrauben und Erdbeeren Russische Napoleontorte in einem Restaurant in Sankt Petersburg The Naturalist’s Library by Sir William Jardine (1836), a majestic male peafowl portrait. Digitally enhanced from our own original plate. Folding Scissors - 1
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