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George Jacob Holyoake 1817-1906  Radical Journalist, Secularist and Promoter of the Co-operative Movement lived here 1850-1861  National Secular Society AUSTIN FRIARS @rosiesplaques PROJECT PART FUNDED BY THE EUROPEAN UNION ASSISTED BY THE WALES TOURIST BOARD 06 This roundel marks the boundary of the Castle Fee, an area of the city directly controlled by the Crown until 1345 Fort Laramie National Historic Site MERCHANTS' TRAIL Festival Of Britain Plaque, Worthing, West Sussex cherub Comune di Verona Chris Ledoux Memorial Plaque Don Pugnetti Park plaque St John Street, Cardiff - Blue plaque - Jack Petersen Queen Street, Cardiff - blue plaque - Site of the East Gate Dubina Texas historical plaque DR SAMUEL JOHNSON met JAMES BOSWELL WILLIAM NICHOLSON Briançon, vue d'en haut merchant's house 1849 - 1936 Lenin IMG_2060 Manhattan Bridge Plaque 23 HIGH STREET Cooney, Bob Drum's Lane Morrocco, Alberto BEAUTY SURROUNDS HEALTH ABOUNDS THE WHIFFLER THEATRE ARAGO
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