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limestone monkeyflower, Erythranthe calcicola

limestone monkeyflower, Erythranthe calcicola

limestone monkeyflower, Erythranthe calcicola, California, White Mountains, Coldwater Canyon, Chalfant Valley - Owens Valley drainage, elevation 1646 m (5400 ft).

Speaking of plants only appearing in wet years, the last time I saw this "annual" species was when I found it in this same spot in the rainy spring of 1986, despite several intervening attempts. It was reported to be abundant in the Death Valley area during the 2017 season, and I will soon post some additional White Mountains locations that turned up for the first time the same year. Because it appears so rarely, it is probably more common than its 20 or so historical specimen records might suggest.

Nevertheless, limestone monkeyflower is a regional endemic, limited to the northern Mojave Desert and southwestern Great Basin Desert of southeast Mono and eastern Inyo counties in California, and Esmeralda, southern Nye, and western Clark counties in Nevada. As its name reflects, it seems to be found only on rocky soils and slopes with a strong carbonate component, which happen to be very common soils within its limited geographic range. The species has been found at elevations of 915-2165 meters (3000-7100 feet).

Limestone monkeyflower was recognized as a distinct species by Naomi Fraga in 2012, after having been confused with Erythranthe (=Mimulus) montioides since its earliest collections in 1937. Its closest relative actually appears to be Erythranthe rubella, from which it differs in having calyces broadly cylindric and straight while in flower (vs narrower and curved), largest flowers 5-9 mm across (vs 3-5 mm) with longitudinal maroon streaks (vs round or transverse spots), styles included (vs shortly exserted), and leaves with stalked glands (vs sessile glands) and broader on average.

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Photo prise le 21 avril 2017 (© Jim Morefield / Flickr)

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