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Lazy summer days

Lazy summer days

A popular access point to the Tay River in Perth, Ontario. On this particular day several children were swimming, splashing, and enjoying the warm sun in the Tay River, a tributary of the Rideau River.

“This river starts at Bobs Lake and leaves the lake, controlled by a weir, near the community of Bolingbroke in geographic South Sherbrooke Township, part of the municipality of Tay Valley. It heads northeast, passes under Lanark County Road 36, reaches Christie Lake and passes there into geographic Bathurst Township. It continues northeast, passes under Lanark County Road 6, and divides into two channels; the right channel is known as Scotts Snye. The river then travels through the community of Glen Tay, continuing to Perth. The river splits into two main channels as it flows through downtown Perth. The two channels have recombined by the time it leaves Perth and continues to the Rideau River, which drains via the Ottawa River into the Saint Lawrence River.

The river is 95 kilometres (59 mi) in length and drains an area of 850 square kilometres (330 sq mi). A canal connects the river to the Tay Canal, and Rideau Canal systems at Beveridge Bay on Lower Rideau Lake.”


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Photo prise le 25 août 2018 (© joanne clifford / Flickr)

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