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Great Willowherb

Great Willowherb

This is quite a robust, stout-stemmed, tall plant of damp places, ditches, riversides and generally unshaded places. Its downy stems bear leafy racemes of rose-pink four-petalled flowers, each carrying the distinctive four-lobed stigma at its pale centre. The flowers (15-25mm across) are bypassed in height by slender, hairy seedpods which split when ripe to release seeds attached to plumes of silky hairs.

This plant makes a great display on the roadsides in July and August, almost like a herbaceous border gone a bit wild and is also a great source of nectar and pollen for bees as well as being a food plant for a few species of Hawkmoth caterpillars. Great Willowherb is a native plant belonging to the family Onagraceae.

Photo 98 of my 100 wild flowers project specifically for the 100 Flowers 2018 group.

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Photo prise @ Shielbaggan le 29 juin 2018 (© JulieK (thanks for 8 million views) / Flickr)

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