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Prague 2002: Brass statue by Jan Štursa, with the pedestal labelled "TOILETA"

Prague 2002: Brass statue by Jan Štursa, with the pedestal labelled

According to one of the comments on this photo, it was "a statue called "Toileta, Eva, Women after Bath" by czech sculptor Jan Štursa (1910)."

Interestingly, recent photos of this scene from 2006 onward show the statue has disappeared (example, example, example, example -- plus lots more).

The only other photos I can find of the actual statue are this one and this one, but those were from no later than 2004. So either someone took it down to preserve it (or something), or it was stolen at some point between 2004 & 2006.

I think that the statue may have been moved to the Národní galerie v Praze, as the Czech-language version of the Jan Štursa article suggests that Toileta is in their collection. That said, I poked around a bit on the National Gallery web site, and a search for it turns up nothing notable, or at least nothing I can ferret out from the English language version of their site.

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Update 3 Nov 2009: According to this page about upper Nerudova street:

"Opposite to house U Dvou slunců, where Jan Neruda stayed for some time, there is an alcove with outstanding sculpture Toileta by Jan Štursa, settled in 1922. Sometimes, this place is empty, when it is necessary to take the sculpture away for restoration because of vandals."

Seems like it has been under restoration for at least 5 years now. I still can't find any hits for the statue, and while I can find some info on Jan Štursa (Wikipedia, Art Bohemia (Czech), Kraj Vysočina (Czech), etc), I haven't been able to turn up any links pointing to the current location of this statue.

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These photos were shot on the old (1970s vintage) manual Nikkormat SLR camera, digitized to PictureCD when developed back in 2002. Not very high resolution scans, but then not always very high quality photos in the first place. Oh well.

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Photo prise @ Prague le 17 décembre 2002 (© Chris Devers / Flickr)

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