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Elsanor, Alabama. 2018 Orland, Maine. 2017 Brunswick, Maine. 2017 Sony DUC 1120   -A Flowery Puzzle An easy one.........Finished 009605 Orbs Flying Our Shores Digital Pastel Drawing of Joshua Trees in the Mojave Desert by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. In the morning 009460 009465 Amarillo, Texas. 2018 Amarillo, Texas. 2018 Vega, Texas. 2018 Digital Oil Painting of an Arizona Desert Sunrise by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. 009409 Memphis, Texas. 2018 Chiefland, Florida. 2018 Digital Oil Pastel Drawing of an Alaska Landscape by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Wiscasset, Maine. 2017 009405 Jumping the Falls Looking at mysteries of life 009341 009345 009330 Coney Island, NYC. 2013 Jackson Revisited 12 Years Later
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