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Mikros Kosmos (explored) Am Strand Sky (21 Mar 2020) explored Rye Harbor, New Hampshire Burning Sky Reflections Dangerous waters Apple Slicer (explored) 000100086 Fata Morgana A Princess Enjoying the Moonlight Dish Scrub Brush (explored) 000100082 Potato Eyes (explored) Watermelon Pickle 000100076 Sky (17 February 2020) explored too late for a cab Garlic Honeymoon Stroll New England in October Colmar, la petite Venise, variation en brun Finger Painting (Detail) 000100068 Dogs Playing (explored) Sun Sets on Elephant Colmar, la petite venise, heure bleue Three Sycamore Twigs in February entre le ciel et l'eau 000100071
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