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Twisted Tree ReTwisted Digital Oil Painting of Medano Creek by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Willow Springs, Missouri. 2018 Street Life 009143 009142 Eureka, California. 2019 Relinquished Series (2018) | The Yard Gangster Silhouette Galena, Kansas. 2018 Galena, Kansas. 2018 Mall Fishing Digital Oil Pastel Drawing of a Merrit Island Wetland by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Berliner Luft Caney, Kansas. 2018 Dark Colorful Forest with Elephant Full moon beach Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge (Milwaukee, WI) Sweet spot? Weatherford, Oklahoma. 2018 Greek forms Sayre, Oklahoma. 2018 Greece Shamrock, Texas. 2018 Rain In Clouds McLean, Texas. 2018 Miss Malcolmson with horse McLean, Texas. 2018 Wall Spring sky
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