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Badwater flats, Death Valley------BADWATER ist eine Senke im DEATH VALLEY, Kalifornien und ist der tiefste Punkt Nordamerikas mit 85,5 Metern unter dem Meeresspiegel. Die Kruste des Bodens sind sechseckige Salzstrukturen. Spokane County Courthouse Skeletons Of The Past What is that? ( 那是什么? ) Backyard Flowers 29 Color Version Scars To Your Beautiful! Across The Tracks 2X2X2 Los Angeles California  ~ Union Station ~ Exterior ~ Historic Ticket Entrance Sunset in Key Biscayne - Miami, Florida - Travel photography Someone left these Pilatus Sternenhimmel | Creative Commons Climbing ( 攀登 ) startrail over the feldberg Pretty and Cool ( 美丽与冷静 ) Special Delivery Frankfurter | ɿɘƚɿuʇʞnɒɿᖷ Key Largo at sunset - Florida, United States - Landscape photography Godrevy Swell Winter Sunset Subject Is In The Lens Of The Shooter Oral Vices What's That? Close-up Porthgwidden Waves _DSC6267_v1 The last train - Dublin, Ireland - Color street photography Not Really Pretty but Nice Style ( 不美丽,但是有风格 )
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