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Iowa City 2018 More poetry is needed: Swansea, south Wales [Carved Stone Shield With Decorations] Pardee Medicine Co., Rochester, N.Y Cardiff Bus 360 feud-i, jodhpur 158952 at Newport Sacra, Gloucester arrived Cardiff Central 159105 at Bath Spa Come in, we're awesome Hornsea Brickyard Mill 1870 (archive ref DDX1687-3-2) departure, saundatti Cups and saucers stage, maheshwar U.S. Army Camp Hospital No. 27, Tours, France, Red Cross recreation room U.S. Army Evacuation Hospital No.12, Manil La Tour, France, Red Cross Canteen workers Mexico: Iglesia de 'La Ensenanza.' The Cottage Victoria Coach Station Lights in the mist A new addition to the animal wall in Cardiff? Craven Arms Looking up: Canton, Cardiff Any more fares? Class 150 DMU crossing the River Ely Cathays, Cardiff Bikes and trains
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