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Impending Doom, Severn Valley, Gloucestershire Rock Fire Marguerite in The Rain : マーガレット grey-eyed, malsamot Red Cushions Red Panda, Kinta of Nogeyama Zoo : 野毛山動物園 レッサーパンダのキンタ chairs and lamp Stray Kitty / 野良子猫 Land's End Stairway to Heathens - HDR Planetary Pasture - HDR a million stars Sparrow in The Tsurumi River / 鶴見川河畔のスズメ Frost Covered Pine Tree Needles Clownfish / カクレクマノミ Ready Steady Gooo. Fujigaoka-Ekimae Park of Late Autumn / 藤が丘駅前公園 Collioure. Japanese Hydrangea Portland Head Lighthouse Imperial Sun lilac Gerbera reflections at sunset cow-shrine, varanasi Christmas Day sunset Leviathan. the kid and the sea-#Flickr12Days Photobooth strip of a woman and friend Autumn Leaves of Japanese Maple / 紅葉
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