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Brutalist lines: Westgate St, Cardiff, Wales Dance Affection, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire St. Vitus Cathedral - Praga Completely Random Wasp (explore 2015-06-18) Tranquility, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire Photo strip of a beautiful woman wearing a fur coat Grasslands, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire Sumatran Tiger, Guntur of Yokohama Zoological Gardens : ズーラシアのスマトラトラ Chimpanzee : チンパンジー Eye of The Tiger!!! : アイ・オブ・ザ・タイガー Blue Bull Blue Kobushi Magnolia : コブシ(辛夷) Hall Crabapple : ハナカイドウ(花海棠) Amanita muscaria 1 Sunrise over the Wadden sea Toronto Buskerfest 2015 Townhall, The Hague  (Explore) stelf The same colours, Palace garden, The Hague Reflex To the Beach, South Devon Home Chimpanzee of Yokohama Zoological Gardens : ズーラシアのチンパンジー Asian Elephant, Shury of Yokohama Zoological Gardens : ズーラシアのインドゾウ Bateleur, Betty Flying of Bird Show : ダルマワシのベティ Young woman in uniform in the photo booth The Cherry Blossoms at Daybreak : 暁の桜花(ソメイヨシノ)
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