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Meeting my English friend Mike

Meeting my English friend Mike

This photo is a bit foggy! The reason? We suddenly encountered very strong cold wind and sleet and ice pellets after a sunny day. The sudden change in weather made my lens foggy.

Meeting up with Mike Lee finally in 2016! Mike is one of my earliest flickr friends -- he is the 14th (out of over 600) connection I made according to flickr and we've known each other since around 2007! Mike and I became connected because of our mutual interest in ambulances!

Over the years we've often talked of hoping to meet in person one day. Before my 2016 trip seen here, we emailed each other and he made special arrangement to ride his motorbike all the way from Sheffield to Stamford so we can finally meet in person! Really cool/ brilliant eh?!

Actually during this 2016 trip, I also met up with Romboid for the first time, two other Dutch friends Michiel2005 and Chris 1971, all of whom I've known on flickr for many years too. I just really enjoy meeting friends face-to-face after knowing many of them for years on-line.

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Photo taken @ Stamford on 16 April 2016 (© Can Pac Swire / Flickr)

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