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r Macro Mondays: Fake Precious metal clay antiqued sand dollar pendant Dewberry Hill 1 Dewberry Hill 2 Dewberry Hill 3 Dewberry Hill 4 (House and orchard) Dewberry Hill 5 Dewberry Hill 6 Dewberry Hill 7 Dewberry Hill 8 (View from Olive Branch Methodist Church) Dewberry Hill 9 (Orchard beside the house) Golden crucifix pendant on a man's chest Portrait of Madge Macbeth wearing fox fur / Madge Macbeth portant une étole de renard A handmade bracelet on white surface (Flip 2019) Close up of native bracelets (Flip 2019) Drei Armbänder für Damen im Stil von indianischem Schmuck vor weißem Hintergrund Close up of native bracelets 2019-09-FL-223769 2019-09-FL-223770 2019-09-FL-223615 2019-09-FL-223616 2019-09-FL-223618 2019-09-FL-223619 2019-09-FL-222866 2019-09-FL-222869 2019-09-FL-222870 Precious metal clay leaf pendant Black and white polymer clay pendant
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