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May every sunrise hold more promise, and every sunset hold more peace. It's all so quiet Niagara Falls Ontario ~ Canada ~ Cham Shan Temple Slates of Fulligoe FILM | SHIELD OF THE CITY _WNS1360 Kölner Dom - Cologne Cathedral 1  -  Peace The Sky Lake of Water Roses Woodland Muangmai Police takedown 3 of 4 (led away in handcuffs) Good Will Towards Men 2018-08-18_08-06-24 20150831-BRC2015-1446TM-BLEND.jpg Plitvice Lakes National Park Catterline Bay Bangladesh - Rohingya women in refugee camps share stories of loss and hopes of recovery Old Trees, Loch Rannoch Shalom Evening Peace Yoga A Giant Fell Here, Sequoia National Park 5-18 Big Tree Trail and Round Meadow, Sequoia NP 5-18 Reflecting on Peace Anti-War Rally Chicago Illinois 4-21-18  0981 Gender Equality Advocate - Mireille Tushiminina - Democratic Republic of Congo Autumn Colours Omen Sentinal Sequoia, Sequoia NP 5-19
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 love, nature, water, protest, sky, sea, blue, sunset, war, light
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