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Pokot and Samburu women at the CPI Kenya meeting AP Peace Fellow Colleen Denny with two Friends for Peace and one of their mothers Traditional Samburu dress Hilary (right) with a Pokot mother Samburu women Beautiful views in Samburu County, Kenya Market Day in Amaiya Village Local grazing committee members of OLENGAPA, Tanzania discuss with local farmers who have encroached grazing area The OLENGAPA grazing committee, Kiteto, Tanzania Community game guards on patrol in Naibunga Conservancy, Laikipia, Kenya Livestock gather at a water point in South Omo, Ethiopia A Nuer pastoralist settlement in Gambella, Community mapping use of rangelands and rangeland resources, Gambella, Ethiopia Sheep on migration along the Conquense Drove Road, Spain Sheep in the northern mountains of Spain bearing up to winter snows Sheep on migration through Casa de Campo, a large park next to Madrid, Spain National dialogue on the future of rangelands Herder boy takes goats to the communal water point of watering, Garba Tulla, Kenya Boran women with flock of sheep and goats, Garba Tulla, Kenya Barabaig pastoralist with children, Bagamoyo, Tanzania Barabaig pastoralist on motorbike, Bagamoyo, Tanzania Barabaig pastoraist woman drying a hide of a goat, Bagamoyo, Tanzania Sudanese pastoralist and camel, Darfur State, Sudan District level meeting of Maldhari pastoralist men, Gujarat State, India Meeting of Maldhari pastoralist women to protest against loss of grazing land, Gujarat State, India Protest to protect grazing lands in Kutch, Gujarat State, India Hamer youth in market, South Omo, Ethiopia Hamer village, South Omo, Ethiopia Dassanech pastoralist moves his livestock in drylands of South Omo, SNNPR, Ethiopia Pastoralist community from Fentale, Ethiopia mapping rangelands and rangeland resources
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