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Tern family Educational Postcard: “Purposefully teaching students and parents how to reframe the dialogue, learn from mistakes, and persevere in the face of adversity, is central to students feelings of belonging, engagement, and to strengthening the voice of student IMG_5749 Anna Olga Mon petit-cousin André Sfeir Les parents de la mariée Child care facilities will prototype universal, affordable child care for parents Family celebrates Christmas 576A8374 576A8462 576A8499 576A8505 576A8615 Meadowbrook Community Center Hiawatha Green Lake on first day Lincoln Park Van Asselt at end of day Bitter Lake E.C. Hughes Wallingford Cal Anderson Peaceful Delridge Cal Anderson cool Delridge late in the day Delridge Wading Pool Delridge with the skatepark 576A5620 576A5931
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