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Adrianna says she is a Prosecutor for the Jefferson County Courts here in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. She had these wonderful coconut scented oil sticks on her desk. She is always a joy to deal with. She said she's been there 2 years.

Fun fact of the day - gamma-Nonalactone coconut odor, popular in suntan lotions, is a chemical compound found in bourbon whiskey. I wonder if the above sticks were soaked in bourbon. It was somewhat difficult to tell where this odor was coming from as there were 1/2 dozen lawyers in this small room also. I'll have to remember to ask Adrianna the next time I'm there.

All in all, it was a fun day. There was a very festive atmosphere in the courthouse. So festive, in fact, that I was able to get through the security checkpoint without being scanned or wanded at all. This courthouse does tend to get busy.

From Wikipedia - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamma-Nonalactone

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Photo taken on 20 February 2019 (© EX22218 - ON/OFF / Flickr)

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