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Fresh Fruit - POTD #280 Douces flammes Fiji. Palm leaf weaving class at the Sofitel resort hotel. Green Papayas Nadi Fiji. A Fijian man demonstrates the traditional Fijian way of starting a  fire with rubbing soft wood  in a groove until a spark can be added to dried copra fibre. Nadi Fiji. A Paw paw or papaya tree laden with green fruit. Nadi Fiji. A young man in the Fijian cultural centre demonstrates fire lighting in the Fijian Cultural Centre. Nadi Fiji. An old traditional pottery container in the Fijian Cultural Centre. Ensalada de frutas / Fruit salad. TIGER ROCK HAWKER RESTAURANT Close-up of cut papaya with yellow flower and mixed leaves Whole ripe papaya fruit on white background Papaya Westland Mall Hialeah Man and young boy standing in front of a fruitbearing pawpaw tree, Yeppoon, Queensland, ca. 1910 Fiji. On the island Viti Levu out of focus bags of Cassava on the roadside for sale. Taken from a  car. Fiji. On the outskirts of Suva a Fijian cemetery. Fiji. Papaya plantation near Suva.  On the island of Viti Levu. Fiji. Parliament House in Suva. Capital of this Pacific Islands nation. From Joey’s Papaya Tree Baby Papaya Papaya Papaya tree FRUTA Papaya Papaya Pieces of fresh ripe papaya on white wooden background Half an Apple, a piece of papaya, arugula and sesame seeds on a wooden kitchen Board Halves of fresh papaya fruit with seeds Wild Papayas in Taiwan 2018 - Mexico - Puebla - Street Food
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