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Jungle Seats Paradise Aloha Tower - Honolulu, HI - Oahu Park at Long Beach, Cal. The Pineapple Isle in the background Beach Life Haad Salad Beach-Koh Phanghan Puerto Plata Beach II Puerto Plata Beach SUN roof? Time is tight, Sahara, 20150924 Shows over Dominican Republic palm trees Storm Over Mt San Bernardino, Redlands, CA 2-19 Last Moments Golden Hour Oranges, Palms and Snow, Redlands, CA 2-19 freemont vampires Between Storms The end of Bird Street, San Francisco George Town Villas Snorkeler Sunrise at Hau'ula Ali, Santa Monica, Photo by CRudin Santa Monica pier Typical February in Hampstead :-) Echo Park pond, LA Deniz, Catherine, Eleanor & Scott, Santa Monica Sunny, Cloudy, and Foggy Day at National Taiwan University Beaches Resort
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