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Digital Oil Painting of Maroon Lake by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Geometrics Pittsburgh Pennsylvania  - Carnegie Museum of Art - Rose on a Tray - John La Farge - Rendered Belong Hold your breath and hear the silence Frankie Robertson at Work in the Studio, Springburn, Glasgow, 7 October 2019 Painting and hot air balloons. season's end Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas Interior IMG_1105A Georg Achen 1860-1912 Danmark La fenêtre de rêve dans le vieux château de Liselund. The dream window in the old Liselund Castle. 1903 Aarhus Kuntsmuseum Denmark Face to face IMG_3237A Michael Wolgemut 1434-1519 Nuremberg  Portrait of Levineus Memminger  1485 Madrid Thyssen-Bornemisza. Mexican Restaurant Demolition 277 A Painting Cozy Alaskan Homestead . . . Brockville Ontario - Canada -  Stewart Corbett Law Offices Mural Burano island - Venice - April 2019 IMG_6722 Domenico Ghirlandaio 1448-1494 Florence  Adoration de l'Enfant. Adoration of the Child Milan Pinacoteca Ambrosiana oeuvre de l'atelier. work of the workshop Burano island - Venice - April 2019 Zener IMG_1205D Dirk de Quade van Ravesteyn actif à Prague 1589-1608 Vénus endormie; Venus asleep Dijon Musée des Beaux Arts. San Francisco, California, USA Burano island - Venice - April 2019 Digital Oil Painting of Logan Pass by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. IMG_3141H Hans Memling 1435-1494 Bruges Fleurs dans un pichet. Flowers in a jug. 1485 Madrid Thyssen-Bornemisza. The look yellow spider on escape :-) Keeping an Eye on Things Agaves
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