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PWP Beach Dive September 07, 2019 0101 Dive Brief, 1 Dive Brief, 2 Debris Collected Demonstrating how bags look like seagrass Gear Set Up Fish Bingo! (What Did You See?) Project Aware Divers Mimic Filefish, male - Paraluteres prionurus Painted Leaf Blenny - Alloblennius pictus Scuba-AOW-DeepDive-FromFacebook.jpg Scuba-AOW-Boat-FromFacebook.jpg All the Navigation! Marcia Scuba Dive Lady Elliot Island-13 Scuba Dive Lady Elliot Island-4 Scuba Dive Lady Elliot Island-7 Scuba-AOW-BareIsland-FromFacebook.jpg Flinders Pier Underwater-1 Flinders Pier Underwater-2 Flinders Pier Underwater-3 Flinders Pier Underwater-4 Flinders Pier Underwater-8 Flinders Pier Underwater-9 Flinders Pier Underwater-10 Flinders Pier Underwater-18 Flinders Pier Underwater-19 Flinders Pier Underwater-20 Flinders Pier Underwater-21 Flinders Pier Underwater-22 Flinders Pier Underwater-24
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