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Oregon Coast sunset 190306-N-ZX120-1131 A smoke in the long-house Asmat villager In the long-house In the Asmat village of  Uwus Hmmm how did this get in here? 170503-N-LC424-1183 160915-N-LR795-362 Oceanside looking towards Carlsbad from the pier Fishing boats 190922-N-OT328-0032 190813-N-NU281-1214 Walking the dog at sunset Driving up the Pacific Coast Highway 180811-N-ER806-0279 180212-N-FN963-046 Free Fishing Boats 151026-N-XX566-025 Magnificent Frigatebird Parasites Hanging in there Islas Ballestas 49 Pacific Flying Fish Muir Beach 110312-N-3005P-048 Beach near Half Moon Bay CA - January 31- 2010 (25-29) Cycle Tour of Chile & Argentina - Tug under way to assist freighter entering Puerto Montt
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