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Serenity Ribbon Eel, male - Rhinomuraena quaesita Shiny smile Bushes Minimal No. 1: Useless hook. I’m not very experienced in shooting pure minimal. I want to improve my skills in this corona days. How do you think about it? Don't cut the mask Frozen Dunes The seeds seller Boot Arch in The Alabama Hills Three Suns Remnants of a funner day Just The Flu He Said Burning sky Buffalo  New York - Spirits of Allentown - Landmark Buffalo New York - Abandon Burn Out Church - West Side Undelivered Village Hall Am Strand Se7en Summit Lake. Mount Evans. Colorado. 2016. Toronto Ontario ~ Canada ~ Edwards Gardens ~ Botanical Garden ~  Water Droplets  Tulips Frühling auf der Friedrichstraße Too much nature Rain east of Mount Evans. Colorado. 2016. Abstract sunset US Capitol at Night Russelville Kentucky - Jesse James Mural - Branch Banking and Trust  - Film 35mm   -  Miranda Camera Snowy Fence Harbour in the time of Corona Do Not Swim in Mammoth Hot Creek
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