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Magnolia Blossom ~ Huron River and Watershed Eres un Sol Into the mist Floral Wrasse, initial phase - Cheilinus chlorourus My favourite Beautiful Bug Butt Galleria Umberto I Roses in the Rain Floating Over Mont St. Michel Giant Frogfish?, portrait - Antennarius cf. commerson Pieris rapae Portrait Micromus variegatus - Brown Lacewing Stop it, I'm ticklish! HSS! Liocoris tripustulatus Goldstripe Wrasse, terminal phase - Halichoeres hartzfeldii Longnose Filefish, male - Oxymonacanthus longirostris Old Woman Bay Streaky Rockskipper - Istiblennius dussumieri Again from the massane forest Ornate Butterflyfish - Chaetodon ornatissimus Happy weekend to you all! Sit, look, enjoy... Part II Great Egret Couple Blackspot Damsel - Pomacentrus stigma Fürst Pückler Park Bad Muskau Aug 04 2017    AQ6I9799 strong Jul 24 2017    AQ6I8220 Lough Erne sunset. dragon-fly Easy Restaurant
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