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Hello - welcome to Cardiff Central - let me relieve you of your bacon sandwich or any other food you have. 01-07-18-8444 01-05-18-7985 Los Volcanes de Los Frailes Playa de Los Genoveses 01-03-18-7725 All Grey And All Wet 12-29-17-7335 The Glade Winter Solstice Hutton's Vireo A plethora of Pansy's Shouting into the phone 12-13-17-3903 Level 2 of the Erawan Waterfalls in Kanchanaburi, Thailand Crooked Owego Bridge Reflected Sky Mallard Ducks in clear water Take-away tucker! Birds of a feather flocking Schloss Neuschwanstein Mount Girouard and Mount Peechee and Other Peaks of the Fairholme Range Caught in the Light of a Setting Sun (Black & White) Four-Toed Salamander (Hemidactylium scutatum) Balade d'automne I'm forever blowing bubbles.....HFDF! AQ6I4852 Nov 14 2017    AQ6I4852 Nov 14 2017    AQ6I4833 12-13-17-3898
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