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11-14-18-0041985 Leave the matches at home A classy encounter 11-04-18-0040795 11-04-18-0040849 10-31-18-0040279 It Was A Rainy Day No 5 10-07-18-0037984 10-07-18-0037951 10-05-18-0037692 10-05-18-0037622 Natures beauty in a rose Belted Kingfisher (f) Falls at Ballysadare, Sligo. Antelope Sand Falls Susquehanna stairway Velvia Badlands  (FIlm) Autumn rose's Beauty in the rain Couple Skoenlapper / Butterfly 1 Merced Cascades (Film) 501 beats the storm Nez Perce Creek (Film) Backyard Flowers 46 Color Version It Was A Rainy Day No 8 Blue-Sky Sunset 09-05-18-0034405 09-03-18-0034107 Tiny Succulent Flowers
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