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Hardangervidda. Mai 2016 A time to think Autumn on a nice day A walk in the park Lenticular Clouds Watering Can in use to water flowers Watering Flowers with a Watering Can Compost Bin in the Garden A compost bin in the garden Vegetable growing in the garden Garden Compost Heap Beautiful Garden Flowers Sunflowers in the Garden ph2001-034-03 ph2001-034-01 ph2001-034-02 ph2001-034-06 ph2001-034-07 ph2001-034-05 ph2001-034-08 ph2001-034-04 ph2001-034-10 ph2001-034-09 ph2001-034-11 ph1994-006-08 ph1994-006-07 ph1994-006-09 ph1994-006-11 ph1994-006-12 ph1994-006-10
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 nature, trees, landscape, water, outside, sky, tree, green, clouds, winter
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