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Aurora Borealis & Salangselva River / Bardu Husky Lodge / Norway 2020 Aurora Borealis at Salangselva River / Bardu, Norway 2020 The Todd River Flows! Cockburn on the SA NSW border. A fine old galvanised iron house with brick chimneys from the 1890s. All staff engines freight changed here from SA Railways to Silverton Tramway Company which went on to Broken Hill. Double Dutch Ocean View Parking Olary. The once grand and large Olary Hotel. The town was established in 1887.The hotel was probably built around 1890. Olary was the name of a pastoral leasehold here. Olary. Town established in 1887.This galvanIsed iron public hall was built around 1900. Pamamaroo near Menindee. Algae and water birds on the River Darling behind the Menindee Lakes water storage system weir. Pamamaroo near Menindee. On the River Darling and Pamamaroo Creek. Information board about the Burke and Wills Expedition camp here in 1960. Pamamaroo. Information boards aobut Menindee's tarzan and the Burke and Wills Expedition camp here. On Pamamaroo Creek adjacent to the River Darling. Pamamaroo. On Pamamaroo Creek beside the Darling River. Giant River Red Gum signage about  the ill fated Burke and Wills expedition. Their camp site was here in 1860 and early 1861. . Broken Hill. The giant seat near the Line of Load memorial to the over 800 silver miners killed between 1885 and 2000. Menindee. TheRiver Darling. Green algae as a bad drought. Menindee. The River Darling from the middle of the town. Some green algae as the river is suffering a bad drought. Menindee. Kinchega sheep station shearing shed built 1875. In front is an old steam boiler tractor. Rusty. Now a National Park.
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