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Snow around Crater Lake in June, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon Rice n' Grain Baker County Tourism – www.travelbakercounty.com 52328 Baker County Tourism – www.travelbakercounty.com 52324 Haystack Rock Long Distance Call For the spirit ever lingers Canola Field 5786 A She Bought a Ticket and Vanished in the Sky Signs in the Sun (Part II) Savannah Georgia - Charlton House 4 (or #6) Taylor Street West - Chatham County - Newel Pelican For the Highway Instead Do You Want to Spend the Night? The silence has never been louder than now Columbia River Gorge Laying in the Grass Intertidal Pinky Swear Life in perspective The broad side of a barn Amid Trees Music For Reflection Remembrance Four Generations Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge Waiting for the green flash End of the day It's good to be back Beach pea Low tide
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