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Opuwo donkey cart Colour coordinated in Opuwo Finely balanced Opuwo teamwork Opuwo teamwork Himba portrait Himba portrait Himba portrait Himba portrait Himba woman near Opuwo checks her hair Himba near Opuwo Himba village: dance with your child Day 2: driving south and west of Opuwo Checking out of Opuwo Gail and Ken set up camp in Opuwo Elise setting up her rooftop tent Don and Wessel Rolf and Heather Don, Wessel, and Jill discuss lizard identification Jon and Hannelie document a lizard found dead on the road Elise, Jill, and Heather relaxing in camp at Opuwo Jon puts the fiinishing touches on his palatial desert tent Don and Mervyn Jon, Jill, Heather, and Rolf Gail, Hannelie, Wessel, and Ken Nicky and Sebastian setting up camp in Opuwo Opuwo from the campsite Vera, Marina, Rolf, and Alma Vera and Rolf Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
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