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Django yawning Sila yawning Licking on the side Garfield yawning Sila starting to yawn Another one of Garfield yawning Sila with open mouth 2019 - Cambodia - Kampong Louang - 16 Zoya licking her chest White lion close, with open mouth Zoya with folded tongue Bravely looking at me Tiger cubs cutely fighting Male pygmy hippo in the water White tiger widely yawning Funnyly looking at me White lion very close Storskrake, Mergus merganser, Common merganser Zoya showing a bit of tongue Zoja having some fun White lion looking a bit unfriendly Lioness looking proud and funny White tiger widely yawning Cub showing tongue White lion quite close Two cubs playing together White tiger finishing to yawn White lion widely yawning Looking disgusted Zoya with long tongue
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 mouth, teeth, face, eyes, girl, tongue, portrait, selfportrait, animal
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