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Nothing lasts forever, except for

Nothing lasts forever, except for

We are deep in the scond half of the year, and I felt it was time to refresh my profile picture across all my social media. So I'm being as Wintery as all fuck. This pic is mostly raw, just had to get rid of the stupid jaggedy neck line.

Actually that's not all the story.

I saw this "Dripping with Luxury" coat by Muse at Uber and instantly bought it, squealing like the Princess I am. Fairly sure there was supposed to be a Jake version in the box but the creator obviously forgot to put any boys sizes in; can you imagine? Didn't slow me down much though. I almost served this pic up with one of my tiaras but a tiny modicum of taste dropped in and slapped me around a bit before I did.

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Photo taken on 29 July 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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