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Various figures California Fast Tires Looking west over Takefu city center (today's Echizen-shi) The bouncy house that eats children Postbox (Olympus XA1, Fujifilm Superia) 🚮 (Olympus XA1, Fujifilm Superia) PP in Snapseed (EXPLORE) Christmas saints(1) butcher Scan-170319-0018 Scan-170319-0019 Box lunch (bento) delivered to school from fish shop nearby Ceremony of ground-breaking (Shinto's jichin-sai) Winter nets pulled up at Kono village, Fukui prefecture Looking north from Sabae city toward the capital, Fukui Old-style farm in pre-war pattern, thatch & small fields Transplanting rice, filling seedling gaps by hand For good grades and intellectual excellence, Tenman-gu Trelissick (Olympus XA1, Fujifilm Superia) Developed in Kodak HC110, PP in Snapseed Weathered (Olympus XA1, Fujifilm Superia) Scan-180320-0015 Scan-180321-0009 Scan-170419-0004 Scan-170417-0015 Scan-170417-0018 Scan-170414-0007 Scan-170409-0025 Scan-170409-0017 water Scan-170322-0006 Scan-170320-0001
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