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Ravenswood Connector Work Weekend #3

Ravenswood Connector Work Weekend #3

Completed track in both directions can be seen here in the area south of Willow on the Brown Line and Purple Line Express. These tracks were completely rebuilt over the previous two weekends of planned work. (Work continues on a different section of track in the distance.)

This is a photo from the 3rd of 13 planned weekends of work to replace tracks between Armitage and the Merchandise Mart on the Ravenswood-Loop connector tracks (used by Brown Line and Purple Line Express trains).

Brown Line trains were rerouted into the Red Line Subway between Fullerton and Roosevelt, and shuttle buses provided for connections to and from Brown Line stations not served by trains during the work.

This portion of Ravenswood Connector Rehabilitation Project will help eliminate slow zones and create a smoother, more reliable ride for the more than 40,000 customers who ride Purple and Brown line trains to and from the Loop each weekday.

Project info: transitchicago.com/ravenswoodconnector

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Photo taken @ Chicago on 3 May 2015 (© Chicago Transit Authority / Flickr)

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