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Circa Early 1890 - "627 - COMO AT GEORGE'S RIVER, At Botany N.S.W." (restored duo-tone version)

Circa Early 1890 -

- The view is looking south-south-west from the north (Oatley) side of the Georges River towards Como, encompassing (from left to right of pic) the entrances to Carina & Mimosa Bays (& James F. Murphy's private Pleasure Grounds, jetty & boat house.
- A little further to the right you can just make out some lines of tents in the railway workers' camp.
- The roof of a small building just to the right of the tents & obscured by the end of the rail bridge would be the "Woronora Hotel" run by publican Thomas Handley, which opened in 1883 & closed in 1887, due to competition from George Agnew's new "Como Hotel" which was constructed from March to October 1890 & can be seen in the background.
- The iconic Georges River iron lattice railway bridge had been opened on 26 Dec 1885.
- The original single Illawarra line rail track has been replaced with a short dual track section of line at the station, with dual extended platforms flanking each side.
- A larger station building was also built on the western platform & the small station building that had stood on the eastern platform has been demolished.
- All of the hill rising to the right of the pic (ie lying to the west of the railway line) later would become the suburb of "Como West" (name first appears c.1939) This is where I grew up & would spend most of my early formative years in the 50s & 60s - some great memories!
- The railway line can be seen winding up what proved to be a steep grade for the steam locomotives of the era, and into the distance towards the larger Sydney suburbs of Jannali then Sutherland.
- Original digitized image held in the State Library of Victoria online image archive.
- A copy was downloaded, enlarged & restored by myself using Adobe Photoshop CS Windows (duo-tone version) for public share via Flickr.
- Credits -
(a) Photographer Charles Rudd (1849-1901), for capturing this wonderful early historical record.
(b) The State Library of Victoria for their valuable historical photographs digitization & archiving program(s).
- Per SLV advice -
"This work is out of copyright (pre 1955).
Terms of use -
No copyright restrictions apply.
Conditions of use -
The State Library of Victoria is providing access to this work to support creativity, innovation and knowledge exchange. Although there are no copyright restrictions on this work, the State Library of Victoria does not endorse or support any derogatory uses of this work. In using this work you agree to acknowledge the work's creator and the State Library of Victoria as the source of the work."
- As for my own work in creating, enlarging & substantially restoring this unique version of the original digitized image, the only Copyright form I have applied is "Attribution-Non Commercial Use-No Derivatives".

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Photo prise @ Sydney le 1 janvier 1890 (© aussiejeff / Flickr)

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