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VW Beetle at Staggered 2014 VW Beetle at Staggered 2014 Burg Katz Tintype of a bearded gentleman Branches of the Mind Saint-Michel Fountain - HDR Dog peers into a fish tank Three wet women standing in the water Snowing Connecticut Al-Aqsa Jerusalem Ancient Legacies Wintry Blue Reflections of Mont Saint-Michel - HDR Time in blue and gold Channeling Le Samouraï Couple in Halloween costumes hold a baby wearing a mask FSO 125p pick-up 1962 Jaguar-Cunningham XK-E Factory Lightweight Race Car 1 Young woman wearing a bonnet sitting on a porch Circus elephants march in a parade Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario Ill woman recovers surrounded by flowers House on the Rock Interior of Kanturk Castle, Co. Cork Surrounding Solitude poems Edwardian-era car race Lorient Tower - HDR The ruins of Mallow Castle Victorian-era woman wearing glasses “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”
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 building, car, vintage, bw, abandoned, city, portrait, rust, house, street
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