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Persian axhead 1600 knitted jacket Torn African shirts Temple Bells Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Lean On Me-HFF! 1973 Ad, Barbizon School of Modeling, Brunette Model Illustrated 1973 Ad, Bay State Junior College, Boston's College Community 1973 Ad, Star Thread, with Pretty Girl in Red Ensemble with Plaid Beret 1973 Advert, Kraft Products & Recipes, Teens at Vintage 1930's Old-Movies Costume Party (2 pages) 1973 Ad, Woolite for Washing Pantyhose, Two Models DSC_1928  Pigeons were here Now whats that all about ... Vintage DSC_4557 roman style relief - Manchester Noms des rues de PARIS P1060961 Megafauna (Old Depictions) Megafauna (Old Depictions) Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt Old wall Kette von beleuchteten Glühbirnen dekoriert eine Holzbrücke Antique Chinese incense burner Civilian Speeder Russian porcelain Gold container Swivel chair owned by Marie Antoinette
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