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The Leading Line of a Railroad (Cuyahoga Valley National Park)

The Leading Line of a Railroad (Cuyahoga Valley National Park)

An obvious use of railroad tracks and the path created in the forest of Cuyahoga Valley National Park as a leading line for this image captured around the Indigo Lake area. As I'd seen the train go by a short while before, I had lots of time to set myself and Nikon SLR to compose this image. While I'd captured this image with a more downward angle and sweeping view of the foreground, I decided later to crop much of that and have a more panoramic feel for this railroad and forested setting. In some ways, I felt it better brought anyone seeing this image to want to step inside with wide eye wonder, especially with the greens and yellows of the woods all around.

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Photo taken @ C on 11 September 2018 (© thor_mark  / Flickr)

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