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Bananeiras Miniature pans and pots on white surface Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in San Francisco Colorful Statues and Items at a Museum in San Francisco White Bear Statue at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Glasses and shadow no fishing - no swimming Baskets and and a red torch with a green button Garage Objects Bootles on a wall Norway Can Golden Pocketwatch (135/365) Osterglocke The Standard Diary Squirrel Brand Peanut Taffy Box Souvenir Pin Raytheon Light Bulb, Type BH Signet Hosiery Raytheon Light Bulb, Type BH-125 M.A. Cantabrigian Politicians Pins Simplex Electric Radiator Element Nebco Brick Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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 macro, light, art, color, bw, canon, green, colors, glass, red
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