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Top view pizza with vegetables and micro greens cabbage Fresh salad of broccoli, radish, bell pepper and flax seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds Delicious vegetarian salad with fresh vegetables and fruits in a triangular plate. Top view Vegetarian salad with lettuce, fresh Apple slices and grapes on the table with ingredients. Top view Paprika stuffed with Minced Meat in baking tray Yellow And Purple Ripe Plums Ia A Boxes Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables in a White Bowl Italienisches Essen: Piadina Romangola mit Parmaschinken, Rucola, Frischkäse, Pesto, Tomaten und Mozzarella Top view of the national greek dish Souvlaki: Meat skewer with tomatoes, onions, lemon and bread, on a white table Big hot dog with smoke sausage and fresh tomato Raw squids on white background Chicken boiled sausages on a white background Fresh Salsa in a White Bowl with nachos on the side Hand with a fork dips a piece of chop into red tomato sauce Fresh ripe blueberries Cookie straws on white background Whole Kiwi isolated above white background Drink of watermelon smoothie with ice cubes Plate with tasty pancakes and berries, honey pours from the top (Flip 2019) Energiekugeln mit Datteln Mandeln, Cranberries und Zimt, für Ausdauersportler, als Snack für Zwischendurch und zum Muskelaufbau Frittierte Schnitzel mit Panade auf einem großen Salatblatt gebettet, aus der Sicht von oben Top view of homemade bread with wheat spikelets (Flip 2019) GML Project Salad with chicken fillet, vegetables, herbs, croutons and Parmesan Top View of a grilled salmon fish fillet with herb dip, potato wedges and a lemon slice Veganes Essen auf Backpapier, mit Pilzen, Kerne, Petersilie, Tomaten und Radieschen Gebratene Pfannkuchen mit Nüssen und Zwetschgenmarmelade Toasted Bread on the White Plate A piece of chops in egg batter on a fork GML Project
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