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Video: a village elder plays the flute outside the Khansarai Video- the blacksmith and his assistant hard at work Video: Another video of the village elder playing the flute I was amazed at the spacious sweep of the entrance lobby of the Caravansarai Honey and sweets on sale outside the Khansarai (Palace of the Sheki Khans) in Sheki Beautiful entrance arch to the Khansarai (Palace of the Sheki Khans) Delightful surrounds of the Khansarai (Palace of the Sheki Khans) This museum near the Khansarai was once an Albanian  church The church is now used as a museum The volunteer who let us in- not a word was exchanged though due to the language problem The museum is much larger than it looks from the outside The main building of the Khansarai (Palace of the Sheki Khans) Entry into the Khansarai is by conducted tour only No photography inside- how I hate such places! A photo booth in the Khansarai grounds to take pictures in the local costume Local trinkets stall at the base of the Sheki Caravansarai Stately entrance to the Sheki Caravansarai This Caravansarai was the largest among the five on the ancient Silk Road Built by the Sheki Khans the Sheki Caravansarai is impressive! Though not longer a Caravansarai, it's still an impressive pit stop for travelers Posing by a stage set in the middle of a pool A peek inside one of the gift shops outside the Sheki Caravansarai An ancient church near the Khansarai now a museum A Chinese tourist eyes me suspiciously as I try to get her into the frame The Sheki Caravanserai was the largest among the five on the route A study in arches in the Sheki Caravanserai No garden this, this actually leads to a restaurant in the Caravansarai Still inside the Caravansarai- what a gorgeous setting for a restaurant! Diners returning from the garden restaurant inside the Sheki Caravansarai Outside, a long row of gift shops line the massive Sheki Caravansarai
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