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Broken Bay and the Central Coast looking towards The Basin looking towards Lion Island and the Central Coast John Thompson 1822 I hope the tree pruner was suitably qualified !00 years ago!  The Somme DSC03373 Farmer Brown! Grandpa!! A Senior Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery Relaxing in a shelter at Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery... DSC03368 rainforest ferns with Birds Nest Fern (Asplenium australasicum at left) 190619_Port_Stephens_2502.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_2499.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_2496.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_2493.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_2492.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_2491.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_2478.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_2475.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_2470.jpg 190618_Port_Stephens_2459.jpg 190618_Port_Stephens_2450.jpg 190618_Port_Stephens_2449.jpg 190618_Port_Stephens_2448.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_5387.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_5386.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_2520.jpg 190619_Port_Stephens_2510.jpg
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