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Sightings. West Riding Oct 1965 (II)

Sightings.  West Riding Oct 1965 (II)

Neville Hill, Holbeck, Stourton, Royston, Wakefield, Farnley, Normanton. My very first trainspotting ‘trip’ from Hull to the West Riding. It was a bright October Sunday morning. DMU to Leeds and then a single decker bus ...... one of those with a sticky up half-cab, and big brown high-backed squishy seats. Lots of my first of everything, including some of which I would not appreciate the significance. The last silent Neville Hill A-1s. My only O-4. My first Britannia, 70033, passing Holbeck. But mainly lots of run-of-the-mill Dubdee’s, Mickeys, Fowler 4Fs, 4MTs incl Fowler parallel boilers and of course the beloved B-1s and Jubilees. How we miss them.

7 Sheds in a day, and over 250 locomotives, the vast majority of which were steam, many already withdrawn and within weeks would be despatched to the smelters.

Although the date states 25 Oct 1965, I now know this to be incorrect as the 25th was a Monday ...... It was in fact 3 Oct 1965. Thx Pete. .

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Photo taken @ B on 29 September 2019 (© JohnGreyTurner / Flickr)

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