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Melencolia I Celebrating New Years Eve with making a list of goals for 2018 Review your list of objectives for the year 2019 goals flatlay in an office setting with keyboard and plant on a white background Your five goals for the year 2018 Black reading glasses for Computer work Ruled notebook with white flower and black marker on white background Hands of a woman in business attire typing on a Macbook keyboard monokaki notebook - 8 monokaki notebook - 10 monokaki notebook - 1 monokaki notebook - 5 monokaki notebook - 9 monokaki notebook - 4 arteza watercolor sketchbook - 8 2019 Goals - Jahresvorsätze für 2019 Sightings.  West Riding Oct 1965 (I) Sightings.  West Riding Oct 1965 (II) Origami laptop Empty list of goals for the new year Ruled notebook with empty list of goals for 2018 2019 goals written on paper Witting a traditional personal letter with pen and paper Blank space to write down all achieved goals and events in the past months of 2019 Reviewing the year 2019 and thinking about achieved goals Making plans to achieve goals in the year 2019 Notebook with stickers in different colors Writing down all plans and goals for 2019 Setting your priorities for 2019 Notebook with lines and checkboxes and a pencil symbolising a to-do-list
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